Community Update: Notice of Intent / Marketing

Saturday 11 May 2019

Hello Crave community. This is an overview in relation to the further evolution of the project and how the new team intends to mitigate some of the potential pitfalls mentioned therein. It has been deemed necessary to make this information clear so there are no misunderstandings.

We want to address a few things. First off, history tends to repeat itself, as do cycles. Those that don’t learn from the mistakes made in the past or previous cycles, tend to also repeat the same process and mistakes. With Crave and other projects, a pattern can be observed; a project is created or picked up by some people who want to revive the said project. This usually happens at the beginning of bull runs. There is some development, people get hyped and buy in, and it appears that things are good because, there is some level of liquidity. Then the developers or teams dump their coins/token and /or leave the project, or the market takes a dive due to bear movement, and the same thing occurs.  Those who bought in when the market was on the uptick then take a hit (which can happen even in bull markets), because the development stops, the teams go silent, and people perceive the project as dead and the value drops out, then liquidity quickly does the same and price crashes.

To clarify the potential situation as it stands; attempting to push marketing for the sake of pumping the price, while the project is obviously not actually in a state it has previously been presented to be in, could invite serious trouble. Crave has been marketed previously as a privacy coin (with the Zerocoin-protocol being that privacy protocol and which has been found to have exploits),  to have an active team, (shown on the current website, but who have  for whatever reason, went quiet or seemingly abandoned the project in a bear market),  failed to update the community as to why or what corrective steps would be taken to protect the communities interest.  When you have any of those same (previous or otherwise) team members referring to the project as a ‘Ponzi’   or insinuating as much; it is certainly counter-productive.

Should a project catch the eye of regulatory entities and they look at all the circumstantial and /or factual evidence (as I just presented it and they likely would),  it could give said entities, a reason to claim judicial jurisdiction and a cause for punitive or even other more sever actions. And maybe some of the previous team, or some members who bought in and live in regions where European and U.S, regulators may not have much influence per se, don’t really care. We should not go down that path, and potentially jeopardize the project or team or members of the community, so some can make a quick return or recover their real or perceived losses. Such would be reckless, irresponsible, detrimental to the community at large and the project itself. Marketing should be based on actual development and intent. The new team has taken all of this into account. (Note: Buying any cryptos for purely monetary investment gains can be risky and is done at one’s own discretion based on one’s own research and perceived risks.)

So, the new team will continue be transparent about the actions it intends to make in order to evolve Crave as a ‘decentralized community-based project’, that has ‘value’, and moving it towards mass adoption based on that value. The new team intends to update/migrate much of the current sources used to get information on Crave. To find a suitable privacy protocol, implement technology that will facilitate usability (use-case), pursue further partnerships that will strengthen Crave position in the crypto space, and expand its user base. In other words, avoid the mistakes of the past so the future will be brighter.

If necessary, the new team will fork the project and continue on its path as stated above. Members of the community who understand this will continue to support the new team to this end. Everyone has a choice, and it’s your choice to make.  Chose well, and thanks for the continued support.

DRC (Crave Communication)
& New Team

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