Monthly Community Update – May 2019

Wednesday 29 May 2019

OVERVIEW: To date there has still been no solid information regarding Cryptopia. Some projects have reportedly decided to fork their chains in order to keep the Cryptopia holdings of those projects coins/tokens from being used as an exploit down the line. Nova Exchange has come forth offering free listings to said projects who were previously listed on Cryptopia. Crave has applied for that listing. Listing on Nova Exchange will exclude U.S. and potentially other regions, and they also require KYC. The decision was made to apply to Nova Exchange even under these conditions as we do not want to limit a potential opportunity for those who are in regions where Nova Exchange is available and who don’t mind doing KYC; as our community has global members. A tentative roadmap has been formulated and is presented below as well. As noted previously, the roadmap is conservative, flexible and allows for further modifications and/or additions.


Partnerships: The partnership with QMC has greatly evolved and the previous discussions and poll on merging QMC, has now become solidified. The two projects will become one, integrating the QMC magnet tech and bringing both communities together which will strengthen and expand the Crave community and user-base at large.  At some point there will be a fork and swap. When the fork will occur is not yet known, as there are other factors that still need to be determined, as well as swap ratios. All of this will be presented to the community as development progresses; as well as too any exchanges, pools, and MN hosting, et…

Code: An alternative to the ZeroCoin privacy protocol will be looked into and researched. Integrated VPN technology, Tor and emerging privacy protocols such as Mimblewimble, and Sigma are just some of the options potentially available. You can see a video on the Zcoin, Sigma test-net development here: Also, various codes/chains and algorithms will be looked into in order to determine which technology will be most productive for use-case opportunities and scenarios, sustainability and further adoption of Crave. The QMC magnet tech will be one of the integrated use-cases as previously noted. The possibility of also moving to a Pos/Pow/MN algorithm, has not been excluded from these potentials as well. In any case POS/MN will remain part of the system. Again, this evolution is surely possible, but will be no simple task; thus, the reason behind keeping the roadmap tentative in form, conservative and flexible.

Roadmap: Crave has come a long way in the crypto space. The community and project have weathered: bear-markets, forks, and technical challenges.  The new team with continued support from the community, plan to guide the project into new areas of development. With this comes the new tentative roadmap outlining the direction in which the project will move. The roadmap is not a precise timeline, but a general forward-looking path towards this next evolution of Crave. Again, the new team will, however, attempt to move in line with the roadmap, also taking into account any potential challenges, setbacks and new information and/or technology presenting itself.

Q3 (2019)
Migration to new Discord Server, Bitcointalk (ANN) and Github.
Begin new privacy protocol search to replace ZeroCoin protocol.
Acquire new domain and web hosting.
Team Building.

Q4 (2019)
Website migration and upgrade.
Partnership Building.
Further Team building.
Begin New Code development,
Merge of CRAVE & QMC

Q1 (2020)
To be announced…


As of 5-28-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the fallowing data regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values
$0.010498USD (7.63%)
0.00000120 BTC (7.73%)

Market Cap
$161,321 USD
18 BTC

Volume (24h)
$52 USD 
0.01 BTC

Circulating Supply
15,366,648 CRAVE

There are currently 604 master nodes enabled. Also as per the Crave explorer , the top 25 wallets account for 48.71% of coin holdings. The current minting difficulty is at 36749.39471207, and the coin supply at 20591524.77927851. As always, the new team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.

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