Crave Roadmap Update – June 2019

Sunday 23 June 2019


We have made some progress on the roadmap. The new Discord server has been created here . We will continue to update the old Discord for a time while the migration continues. However, the majority of updates, et., will be posted in the new server. We welcome you to join and migrate over if you have not already. You will be able to see the new team members and roles there, as well as engage in dialogue and/or ask questions. We have finalized the acquisition of the new domain name and host for the new website being built. The new domain for the new website will officially be Additionally, we have created a new Coin Explorer which can be found here  We thank you for your patience and continued support as we continue to move along with this evolution of Crave.


Q3 (2019) – Migration to new Discord Server, Bitcointalk (ANN) and Github.

                   Begin new privacy protocol search to replace ZeroCoin protocol.

                   Acquire new Domain and web hosting.

                   New Explorer (Added June 2019).

                   Team Building.

Q4 (2019) – Website migration and upgrade.

                   Partnership Building.

                   Further Team building.

                   Begin New Code development,

                   Merge of CRAVE & QMC

Q1 (2020) – To be announced…

DRC (Crave Communications)

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