Monthly Crave Community Update – June 2019

Friday 5 July 2019

OVERVIEW: A reminder that Crave is listed on Nova Exchange with BTC/CRAVE and Doge/CRAVE pairs. Also, a reminder that, per communications with Altilly, they will be delisting Crave. Again, its highly recommended Crave users move any coins from the exchange to an alternative safe location; an encrypted Crave wallet with private keys, users have control of is likely the best choice. Some progress has been made on the roadmap and items have been added as well. Crave markets have been sluggish, though we are optimistic there will be more value and volume as progress continues to be made with the project.


Partnerships: The partnership with QMC continues to develop, as with other partnerships such as TRBO, a revolutionary project that rewards users for their downtime. You can visit the site here Also, which hosts a 1-click automatic master node setup system for Crave and various other coins. You can visit the site here The Team will continue to develop these and other partnerships and continue to look at new ones that are mutually beneficial. You can also visit these partners channels in the new Crave Discord.

Code: An alternative to the ZeroCoin privacy protocol continues to be looked into and researched.

Social Media: The new Crave discord is live. The migration from the old server is ongoing. Current and new members can join here The Crave forum tab on the current website has been disabled due to spamming and no way for the new Team to moderate it, as there is no access to the Admin controls, as it was set up by one of the old team members. Members can still view proposals on the “Proposals” page on the website, as well as view the status in the wallet. Proposals can also be posted for viewing in the new discord “proposal-discussion” channel. A new forum will be created along with the new website.

Roadmap: The following have been completed on the 2019 roadmap:

  1. New web host and domain name acquired:
  2. New Discord server created:
  3. New Official Coin Explorer was added for Q3/2019 and is available here:

The new ANN and GitHub are also coming along and expected to be released according to the roadmap timeframe. Additionally, a new Twitter site has been added to Q3/2019.

Q3 (2019) – Migration to new Discord Server, Bitcointalk (ANN) and Github.
Begin new privacy protocol search to replace ZeroCoin protocol.
Acquire new Domain and web hosting.
New Twitter Site.
New Coin Explorer.
Team Building.

Q4 (2019) – Website migration and upgrade.
Partnership Building.
Further Team building.
Begin New Code development,

Q1 (2020) – To be announced…

As of 5-02-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the fallowing data regarding CRAVE. Alternatively, stats can be on CoinGecko here

24hr Values
$0.010227 USD (6.66%)
0.00000086 BTC (-1.27%)

Market Cap
$157,148 USD
13 BTC

Volume (24h)
$5 USD 
0.00 BTC

Coin Supply (As per Crave Explorer)
21,042,096.7242 CRAVE

Also, as per the Crave explorer , the top 25 wallets account for 47.12% of coin holdings. There are currently 561 master nodes enabled. The current minting difficulty is at 44187.59591345. As always, the new team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.

DRC (Crave Communications)

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