Crave Community Update – July 2019

Sunday 4 August 2019

OVERVIEW: A quick reminder, Crave is always looking for positive innovative people to join the community and contribute towards the project’s development. If you are one of those people, come flex your skills with Crave. With that said, the team also wants to remind everyone that CRAVE is listed on the following exchanges with multiple trading pairs:




Block DX

The links to BiteBTC Exchange have been removed from the current Crave website due to repeated reports of scams connected to that exchange. You can view some of the reports on the Crave discord #potential-scams, channel. exchange is also not recommended as they have failed to communicate in any way with the Teams request for info. Crave is also listed on the following Master Nodes hosting sites:


Some may have noticed that the circulating supply on CMC has remained the same for some time. A request for that to be updated has been sent to CMC and they are looking into it.  A request to update info has also been sent to If you find any other sites that need updating, please notify Crave Communications.


FAUCET: Crave is happy to announce a Crave faucet that has been developed. The faucet will provide new & current users the opportunity to acquire the Crave asset for “free” and to begin and/or continue their journey with Crave. The faucet will provide small amounts of Crave coins which can be claimed every 24hrs, and can then be placed in an official Crave wallet (which can be found here to begin and/or continue staking. Users may also choose to stake in a staking pool or acquire larger amounts of coins or potentially trade coins on the exchanges noted above. The faucet can also be utilized for future promotional purposes, giveaways, et… Stop by the Crave faucet and be one of the first to get your free Crave coins here .The first 20 people to use the promo code “Crave Crypto”  with their claim will receive and increased amount for their faucet claim. Also please help keep the faucet going strong by donating Crave here VNpW3Sq9bgPzyNX2WjK2iZtpNigP2iUDQg.

ROADMAP: All of the Q3 2019 Roadmap, road marks have been essentially completed.

WEBSITE:  The new Crave website is making further progress. Special thanks to our front-end/web developer Jefferson.

CODE: Some team members have begun the process of looking at how to best remove the Zerocoin privacy protocol and integrate use-case options; such as magnet technology and others. Special thanks to Spy0012 for all his support in this area. Also, thanks to Mcarper for his continued masternode support and script that allows for multiple nodes on a single IP address. And thanks to the community for your continued support. The Team cannot guarantee anything with regard to price increases for Crave assets, but will continue, with the support of the community and partners, to facilitate further value through development of the project and the utilization of its asset(s). It can be said in general, that the more users attribute value to a product/asset/technology, the more they tend to be willing to pay more for it, particularly when a product/asset/technology is limited in supply. As for any code evolution, there will be the stages of development, testing/vetting, followed by implementation.  The roadmap remains tentative according to the completion of said stages.

PARTNERSHIPS: Positive partnerships are a good way for projects to mutually support each other.The Crave partnerships in general remain positive, particularly with TRBO; special thanks to Chimaera for TRBO’s continued support.In regard to QMC, there has been some slight break down in communications, with regard to participation (some team members are from the QMC community). All the team members have currently been volunteers. Some have spent their own resources, be it time, money, or knowledge towards the development of Crave. Sometimes, however, people have personal responsibilities/priorities that can take precedence over involvement as a team member. That said, the integration and a merge with QMC still remains positive.

As of 7-31-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the following data
regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values
$0.003515 USD (1.15%)
0.00000035 BTC (-2.75%)

Market Cap
$54,008 USD

Volume (24h)
$36 USD
0.00 BTC

Coin Supply (Per the Crave Explorer)
21,383547.5771 CRAVE

There are also currently 421 master nodes enabled as per the Crave explorer , with the top 25 wallets account for 46.84% of coin holdings. The current minting difficulty is at 43265.28684685, and the money supply at 21383565.07712904. As always, the Team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.

DRC (Crave Communications)

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