Crave Community Update – August 2019

Wednesday 4 September 2019

OVERVIEW: Step by step, progress continues to be made, partnerships developed, and ideas implemented. A quick follow-up to the last update, CMC has updated the circulating supply for Crave and CoinGecko has updated links on their site as well.  Recently there was a huge buy wall placed of roughly 2BTC on Coin Exchange. Another request to update info has also been sent to


CRAVE BOT: Crave is happy to report, a bot has been developed. The bot can be used for tips, soaks & rains, as well as giveaways. Users can also check the market price for Crave. And as an added bonus and use-case, users can now play the in-server game, utilizing crave, and have the chance to win more crave to add to your staking wallets; increasing the chances at receiving more staking rewards. The bot is also currently being used through cross-server application by two Crave partners as well.

WEBSITE:  The new Crave website is still in progress.

CODE: Currently looking at Ringct and I2P as a possible replacement for the old Zercoin privacy protocol. Community input is important. If you have feedback on Ringct and I2P, please present it, as the team is constantly listening and trying to gauge how the community feels regarding potential implementations. Also, the Sigma protocol remains a top contender as a potential privacy protocol replacement as well. 

PARTNERSHIPS: Crave has partnered with Bitcoin Crypto World & Crypto$Sky Both conduct promotional activities through their perspective servers, such as giveaways and bounties. Thus far there have been a couple of giveaways and a bounty is currently brewing. So make sure to drop into the Crave discord here: , join the community and see how you can participate and potentially acquire some more CRAVE.

Crave is always looking for positive innovative people to join the community and participate with the project’s development. All are welcomed, particularly developers and those with skill-sets that can help crave evolve. Come write your page in the book of Crave. Also, for your convenience, CRAVE is listed on the following exchanges with multiple trading pairs:

Block DX

Crave is also listed on the following Master Nodes hosting sites:


As of 9-02-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the following data regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values
$0.010868 USD (37.24%)
0.00000105 BTC (29.12%)

Market Cap
$236,938 USD
23 BTC

Volume (24h)
$21 USD 
0.00 BTC

Circulating Supply
21,802,444.5771 CRAVE

There are currently 701 master nodes enabled as per the Crave explorer , with the top 25 wallets accounting for 44.23% of coin holdings. The current minting difficulty is at 34361.41321045, and the money supply at 21803975.68545207. As always, the Team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.

The Team

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