Crave Community Update – September 2019

Friday 4 October 2019

OVERVIEW: September held its particular challenges, some more challenging than others.  Crave lost two CMC listed exchanges due to exchange closures, and an additional exchange went full KYC. Some are ok with providing KYC documentation while others are not. User preferences can in this regard effect their willingness to trade or not trade on an exchange, which can affect the volume of trading for coins/tokens on an exchange. But with all challenges, solutions are looked for and potential opportunities engaged.


EXCHANGES: Crave, like some other project have been hit hard by the sudden announcement of closure, of both Coin Exchange and Nova Exchange.  Nova Exchange website states “that on Monday, October 7, trading on Nova Exchange will cease and close.” It is highly suggested users move their assets from the exchange prior to that day. You can read more on the Nova closure here:

An even greater hit was the sudden announced closure of Coin Exchange, which for many users was a primary source of trading. As per the Coin Exchange website “Trading and deposits will be suspended on the 15th of October 2019. Please cease any deposit and trade activity as soon as possible.” You can read more on this closure here:

Additionally, CryptoBridge also announce it would be requiring full KYC for trading on their exchange. However, there is no indication that CB is planning to close or delist CRAVE. CryptoBridge is also a primary exchange for trading for many users. You can read more on that here: There is a potential that Crave could be delisted from, for not being on two or more of their listed exchanges, being that both Coin Exchange and Nova Exchange were two of the three exchanges CRAVE was listed on. CryptoBridge being the third. Hopefully this does not occur with either CMC or Coingecko and CRAVE will have the opportunity to be listed on more exchanges listed with both CMC and Coingecko in the future.

In order to mitigate some of the blow, an additional exchange listing was acquired on “Unnamed Exchange”, a new up and coming exchange that plans to be listed on CMC and Coingecko. Currently the trading volume is low on this exchange but there is optimism that it will increase as more projects’ assets are listed and further exposure is attained on the exchange. CRAVE will have trading pairs in BTC/ETH/Doge/LTC/uTip. The listing process  generally takes 3-5 days, and it will be announced as soon as trading is open here:


CRAVE WALLET UPDATE: MANDATORY (v2.5.2): This a mandatory upgrade for Wallets and Masternodes. This upgrade includes, Updated Seed Nodes, Protocol Changed to 70912, Updated Checkpoints, link to Crave Explorer added in-console and, Disabled Zerocoin Protocol (Until new Privacy Protocol is implemented). Upgrade Deadline: 21st October 2019 – Old wallets will not connect after that. Windows 32/64 and Ubuntu/Linux and Mac sierra wallets are available. Git: (Exchanges have also been informed).

Please ONLY download the wallet from the official Crave GitHub page provided on the release page of GitHub direct official link to v2.5.2.  You may compile your own wallet for your own use, but please do not distribute your compiled version online as Crave will not be held accountable for your coins being stolen or lost from using unofficial compiled wallets. Additionally, some dialog has begun with Zcoin, as Crave looks to get further insight/assistance on the potential integration of Sigma as a replacement for the Zerocoin privacy protocol.

WEBSITE:  The new website is still in progress.

.Crave is always looking for positive innovative people to join the community and participate with the project’s development. All are welcomed, particularly developers and those with skillsets that can help crave evolve. Come write your page in the book of Crave. Also, for your convenience, CRAVE is listed on the following exchanges with multiple trading pairs:


Blocknet DX

Unnamed Exchange

Crave is also currently listed on the following Master Node hosting/Coin monitoring sites:


MNO Explorer





As of 10-02-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the following data regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values

$0.006542 USD (-0.21%)

0.00000078 BTC (-0.99%)

Market Cap

$145,065 USD

17 BTC

Volume (24h)

$394 USD
0.05 BTC

Circulating Supply

22,174,520 CRAVE

There are currently 718 master nodes enabled as per the Crave explorer , with the top 25 wallets accounting for 44.19% of coin holdings.

The current minting difficulty is at 45357.50089767, and the money supply at 22174922.16241123. As always, the Team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.



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