Crave Community Update – October 2019

Thursday 7 November 2019

OVERVIEW: Not a lot to report for October. The team continues to work on the current roadmap.


EXCHANGES: There was not a lot of negative feedback regarding withdraws from Nova Exchange and Coin Exchange for users who had CRAVE there, which was good. There are currently three exchanges to buy CRAVE (shown below). There are a few exchanges that the community asked the team to look into. The findings regarding costs/services are posted in the Discord in #exchange-listings. Any members of the community or supporters who feel compelled to pay for any of the listings is free to do so, or if the same would like to get together to fund listings, that is also an option. In any case, please let the team know.  Users can still get free CRAVE on the faucet site here:

CRAVE WALLET UPDATE: The mandatory update for Wallets and Masternodes went fairly smooth. There were some users who had some technical challenges, but community members as usual came forward to help out other members get on track. The vast majority of wallets have switched over, along with current exchanges and Coinami.  Wallets can be found on the Crave GitHub: ((Please ONLY download the wallet from the official Crave GitHub page provided on the release page of GitHub direct official link to v2.5.2.))

GOVERNANCE:Since the community takeover, no funding proposals have been successfully completed, even with a couple of different proposal attempts made and reaching out to the previous Dev on why the issue persists or any known issues previously. This is something the current team continues to look into. To view the result of the latest development funding proposal (initially passed prior to the wallet update), type “mnbudget getinfo DevelopmentFunding” into your wallet console and press enter. You will see that it says there are 6 payments approved and 1 supposedly paid out, but no funds have been released to the address given, which can be seen on the explorer. If any users have had similar issues or known solutions, please let the team know.

WEBSITE:  The new website is expected to be released according to the current roadmap timeline.


Crave is always looking for positive innovative people to join the community and participate with the project’s development. All are welcomed, particularly developers and those with skillsets that can help crave evolve. Come write your page in the book of Crave. Also, for your convenience, CRAVE is listed on the following exchanges with multiple trading pairs:


Blocknet DX

Unnamed Exchange:

Crave is also currently listed on the following Master Node hosting/Coin monitoring sites:


MNO Explorer





As of 11-03-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the following data regarding CRAVE):

24hr Values

$0.003234 USD (-1.20%)
0.00000035 BTC (-0.01%)

Market Cap

$72,994 USD

Volume (24h)

$0.00 USD
0.05 BTC

Circulating Supply

22,572,618 CRAVE

There are currently 481 master nodes enabled as per the Crave explorer The top 25 wallets accounting for 50.53% of the coin holdings, and the top 50 wallets holding 57.09%.  (None of which is held by the team collectively.)

The current minting difficulty is at 23793.54684306, and the money supply at 22572853.84792607. As always, the Team encourages community feedback, input, and participation.



Crave Team

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