Community Update!!

Tuesday 26 November 2019

There have been quite a few issues with people syncing lately, jumping chain, and I have been watching the explorer. There are some things that have concerned me for some time and I have made them known. I am going to take some time over the next couple weeks to further investigate my suspicions as to what is going on. Crave has become centralized with regard to holdings as the top 25 and even 50 wallets hold more than half the coins , making a 51% attack by those wallet holders much more relevant
at this point, particularly if those wallets are not fully supporting the current chain, or playing on both sides of the fence; they hold enough coins to do so. Im quite frustrated and concerned by this, as well as a few other things. In any case I have always said I would be upfront with the Crave community and I will continue to do so as a current member of this community. At this time, until we figure out what is going on I will ask everyone to resync your wallets, make sure you are on the correct
chain. Also please begin removing any coins you may have in the Crave bot on the discord here



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