Community Update: Team Dissolution

Thursday 5 December 2019

Hello Crave. So I have been questioned as to why I ( and the rest of the team) have chosen to step down from the role(s) and why I feel I cannot support the project in its current state. I got into Crave 2yrs ago. At first just as an investor looking at a project, I viewed had potential. Then at some point I was asked to take a role and I did. Then the team abandoned the project and it was just me. I put a lot of effort and resources into trying to keep things going and build a new team. There was very little support from the community, there were a lot of obstacles. I continued efforts to build the team. A few members from the community came forward. Then It looked like there could be a merge with another project that would give some additional use case to the asset and boost the project. I asked members from that other project to join the team so it would be easier to merge the two communities. But the support from that projects leaders was minimal and when I asked for more support from their side, I got a bunch of attitudes and ridiculed for my efforts from both communities.  That was the QMC merge. So the merge was called off. All of that took time and resources, that ended up being wasted because it became apparent the leaders of QMC just wanted to use the Crave name to seemingly pump their own project enough for bag holders to dump. One of those members from QMC remained: Mcarper, who was supposed to remain on in the role of MN support.  I donated coins toward that. In the end he abandoned the project with no communication or response.

His script stopped working.  But still the team kept going. There was also very little support by MN. My initial proposal actually got voted against for reimbursement (for out of pocket funds I had spent on the project), so I could use that to keep things going.  But I continued forward. Still there was little support from the community. Yet people still complained liquidity was low and more exchanges were need, and more use cases, et… The team continued to work on the project out of our own pockets and time. At some point I thought to leave the project, but some of the community that have supported Crave for some time asked me to stay on and keep the project going. Then again, I submitted proposal for funding, and out of 400+ MN, only 67 (some of which were my own) voted in favor. That demonstrated to me that the majority of MN were not supportive, but the team still kept moving forward. On top of that, even though that proposal passed, there was some issue found with the payout as it showed it paid but those coins never reached the address I submitted.  But it seemed to pay out with the previous team.

Additionally, I was buying Crave at a premium in order to keep some liquidity and the price stable, but I kept seeing people dump coins for far less. Exchanges also closed and so we moved quickly to get new exchanges. People complained about those exchanges and wanted the team to list Crave on larger more liquid exchanges, but when I got the info to list and posted it, there was next to no community members responding if they were willing to help fund the listing or even feedback on if they would use the exchanges. At the same time, we were building the website and looking at new codebase, sampling them, trying to figure out the best way to keep the privacy feature. We created the faucet and bot to help bring new users in and give back to the community. At the same time I kept watching the top 25-50 wallets growing in control of the majority of coins and that was a serious concern due to the lack of support from whales and MN holders, and it was becoming more centralized. And of all those MN holder and whales, only a few of them came forward to help out with some of the recent bounty implementations. I added Crave to a few promo servers to help keep some activity in the project and facilitate brand exposer. I have given away more than my share of MN towards all this and my own time and resources. The other core team members have also contributed as such. And we all have personal lives as well to tend to, bills to pay.

There are other things as well that I see, and people who DM me that want this or that. I actually took the time to track those big wallets and found there to be enough of them that are connected to give caution with regard to potential 51% attack or takeovers attempts. I voiced this many times over on this. The team has done what it said it would do to keep the project going. The website is 99% completed, and we were working hard on a new code with the privacy feature, before the swap and code change. We wanted to do this first, before trying to list on more exchanges because it cost to list and once listed, it often cost to do the wallet update, or code updates as well. It made no sense to list on more exchanges and before the swap and code change and then have to pay more funds to do the updates.  Who was going to pay for all that? The team? We are just members like the rest of people in the community, doing our part. That is the very meaning of a decentralized project. It means the community at large participates in the evolution and growth towards building something of value, not just some P&D thing for people to make some quick profits.  And I said it plenty, that if a community does not support a project or the chain stops, the project dies.  This team did not come into the community or project looking to take it over, we are part of it. We had to look at all this and what is still necessary to get Crave evolving further and the time and resources it will still take to accomplish that. And we had to weigh it all out.

And in the end, it was decided that the negatives outweigh the positives at this point, the potential risks outweigh the efforts and resources need, particularly with that top wallet dominance and the potential for all the efforts to be thwarted  because there appears to still be no majority support from whales, MN or the community at large.  There is a limit to how much I am personally willing to put into this project without that support. The rest of the core team also looked at all this and came to the same consensus.  That being said, its not only I who have chosen to step down from the role, but also the rest of the core team as well. And quite frankly I don’t feel I can ask them to continue under these circumstances, though they have let me know they would if I chose to continue. But I will not ask them to do what I myself am not willing to do. So there it is in a nutshell as to why I have decided to step down from my role and further support in the capacity that I have been doing. I am personally thankful to the core team and those in the community that have been supportive and spoke to me in private also about these concerns. But it is not personally sustainable as it stands and so its time to step down.

So I ask that everyone remove their coins from the Bot by 12-20-2019, as the bot and the server its on will be shut down. If you do not your coins could be lost. Additionally, I will leave the discord server going at this time so those that need to communicate can do so. The new website will not be released. The codebase we were working on will halt. The other core team members will step down from their roles. We have no control over Telegram. The twitter site will remain active for the time being so users have an additional means to communicate since the current website is no more.



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