A new life?

Thursday 30 January 2020


The Crave project has been around for years. During these years there have been many enthusiasts and activists, all participants have contributed to the future of the project, thank you! The project has quite a lot of problems, we understand that, our goal is to correct the mistakes of the past and make great changes. It is time to move forward and we present our vision of the core and community aspects of the project. We want to change the way we work as we believe this is very important for the success of the project. In our vision of the project, voting and decentralization are very important aspects of the work. The main problem in many projects is communication and decision making. 


The first priority is team building. We plan to get a balanced and friendly team with excellent skills. At the moment we are moving the site and restoring its work. Further attention is focused on working with marketing and development. We are also looking for an exchange for listing, because now Crave is listed on an unnamed exchange, it is a good and convenient exchange, but it is not so popular and has quite weak liquidity. Also we should restore the branch on bitcointalk and similar forums. I suppose this is all for the near future.

Operating principles

Joining the team

1) Possession of skills

  • Having a useful skill for the project. (As a developper, a marketing manager, PR and etc…)
  • Portfolio presentation(optional)
  • Desired role

2) Contributions

  • Initial contribution- 15000 coins*
  • Quarterly contribution – 15000 coins*

*The contribution may be changed due to changes of market price as well as for other reasons

3) Confirmation of joining the team by voting of the current team

  • Voting using blockchain
  • Each team member must have an address assigned to them.


1) Taking the role and commitment

2) Setting targets

  • Proposal
  • Discussing
  • Voting

3) To implement the commitments made

  • Performance
  • Reporting
  • Discussion

4) Voting


1) Any member may leave the team at any time of his or her own free will.

2) After leaving the team, the participant is excluded from private chat rooms.

3) Then, the former participant receives the remaining coins.

For example, common wallet has 50,000 coins, and at the moment there are 5 members in the team. If a member leaves, they take 1/5 of the number of coins (i.e. 10000 coins).

4) The team announces about leaving the member from the team.

Why we take the contribution

We believe that a project cannot exist without money to implement ideas and achieve goals. Everyone understands that listing on the exchanges, website hosting, hosting block explorer and so on cost money. We have chosen the amount of 15000 coins as the minimum amount considering the current price on the market.

How to be on the team

To join the team, you need to fill out a form.

Community Update: Team Dissolution
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