Coin Swap Ended

Monday 26 February 2018


As of 26 February 2018, the CRAVE coin swap has officially ended.

New wallets can be found at the official CRAVE website, or at

Reason for coin swap…

New features, including Zerocoin Protocol implementation.
New wallet, for an improved user experience and zCRAVE support
New blockchain, for a reduced wallet synchronization time, and allowing for 9% of block rewards to go toward a budget.
New code base, based on BTC-DASH-PIVX.
Increased supply, to better fit with zCRAVE denominations.

The new supply will be roughly ten times larger, around 15 million CRAVE, although an accurate supply will come after the coin burn of any coins initially reserved for the coin swap.

The required collateral for running a masternode on the new blockchain is 5000 Crave.


CRAVE Core Team

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