Twitter Crave Giveaways

Saturday 2 June 2018

Twitter Crave Giveaways

Beginning on June 4, 2018 – we will start the first of 4 weekly Crave giveaways through Twitter.


Each week, 500 Crave will be given away; 250 Crave to two random and eligible participants.

The weekly giveaway will start with a giveaway tweet on the Monday of each week ( ~15:00:00 UTC )

The weekly giveaway will be concluded on the following Sunday ( ~0:00:00 UTC ) with a tweet stating the giveaway end.

Description Start Date End Date Duration
Project Start – Giveaway (Week 1) June 4, 2018 June 10, 2018 6 days
Giveaway (Week 2) June 11, 2018 June 17, 2018 6 days
Giveaway (Week 3) June 18, 2018 June 24, 2018 6 days
Giveaway (Week 4) – Project End June 25, 2018 July 1, 2018 6 days


Requirements for Eligibility

  1. Follow the @CraveProject Twitter account
  2. Join our Discord server
  3. Retweet BOTH of the tweets below:
    1. The week’s giveaway announcement tweet
    2. Pinned tweet


Selecting the Winners

  1. We will first use the service – – to generate two initial candidates. This will be a random selection of two Twitter accounts who both Retweeted the giveaway Tweet, and Follow the @CraveProject Twitter account. The seed for all drawings will be included in this article for transparency.
  2. Next, we will check to see if the if these two candidates also Retweeted the Pinned tweet. If one or both of the candidates are not eligible after this, these steps will be repeated until there are two eligible participants to move onto step 3.
  3. Finally, these two participants will be messaged on Twitter, either by Direct Message or by @ mention to verify that they are also a member of the Crave Community Discord server. If they have not joined before being asked for their Discord username, they will not be eligible for the giveaway prize, and these three steps will again be repeated to find another winner.
  4. The official two winners will be announced on Twitter, receive their Crave address through DM or Discord, and be updated in this article below.

*Only one entry per user. Cases of multiple accounts or trying to game the system with bot accounts will lead to ineligibility.


Week 1 Winners:

  • @rau4twi
  • @bb2eb

TWrench seed used:


Week 2 Winners:

  • @pey_peyman_
  • @cryptoKnobi

TWrench seeds used:

9mLlYbYgckMt6FGp (Both selected users eliminated. Reason: Same person; multiple entries attempted.  Proofs 1, 2 )

weaIU4ERuwYIROM2 (One selected user eliminated. Reason: Multiple entries attempted.  Proof)

WbfvaDUq0rlwZrmJ (Selected user eliminated. Reason: Suspected bot account. Proof)

6yCxRwpD788zZ8mu (Selected user eliminated. Reason: Multiple entries attempted – same person as the first Week 2 seed. Proof)


Week 3 Winners:

  • @cryptopredator1
  • @akash_8

TWrench seeds used:

IrbjVgClnctZyhcK (One selected. One user eliminated. Reason: Suspected bot account.)

aYpGrwx550gAbT03 (User eliminated. Reason: Suspected bot account)

UnS2XsNIe9qP4eRc (User eliminated. Reason: Suspected bot account)

p3ni5Ry0CETpJqVM (User eliminated. Reason: Bot account. Multiple entries attempted)

gIQ0QghfEaHq87in (User eliminated. Reason: Bot account. Multiple entries attempted)

fZlsZ2d1caY1KZUX (User eliminated. Reason: Bot account.)

7CXCScdVRQb9Qkuz (One selected)

Week 4 Winner:

TWrench seeds used:


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