Monthly Development Update – August 2018

Friday 31 August 2018

Monthly Development Update – August 2018

Greetings Crave Community!

Welcome to the fourth monthly development update from the Crave team!

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Team Expansion

We are excited to announce that two new team members have joined the official Crave team!

Antonio Moratti – As a younger person with solid business sense, Antonio’s experience in cryptocurrency marketing brings a combined framework of online advertising programs along with payment development. His strong personality drives action amongst the crypto community, propelling digital currency adoption. His charismatic online presence persuaded investors to choose amongst his recommended crypto currencies, and he brings that background to Crave, in a team vision for transaction adoption much like the fiats the Euro and Dollar.

JonnySure – JonnySure began his crypto journey in the early days while working as a tax consultant in Germany. Now working in the IT industry for a tax-related business, he brings a great deal of experience in business communications and community management to Crave, where his skills shine in public relations. With his new and fresh ideas, he is looking forward to bring Crave where it belongs.

Both members will be focusing on the marketing and outreach aspect of Crave – an area that is crucial for future growth. All members will be added to the Freedcamp project management software to keep track of all current projects, and who is working on what.

We have also since added four Crave representatives to our Discord server.

@Oceanloader4, @Sliff2000, @Huntingthecoins, @btct22

These are members who are active quite often in the community, and always willing to help others when questions arise, or contribute their skills and expertise when needed. An example of this is Huntingthecoins, who is creating a Crave-focused Minecraft server in which users will be able to buy and exchange Crave for playing on the server.

Overview of Crave Team:

CooleRRSA:  Core Developer (

zrero:  Front-End Developer (

DruMN:  Front-End Developer (

tkon:  Support (

Slothman:  Communications/Support (

Green_crypto_and_ham:  Marketing/Outreach (

SoundDrGenie:  Marketing/Communications (

Antonio Moratti:  Marketing/Communications (

JonnySure:  Communication/Outreach (


Growth of our social media pages is also something that we want to emphasize more. This includes possibly creating a Crave Instagram channel to reach users there, and to post more regularly on the @CraveProject Twitter account. The first step of this is to use our Twitter as a business account, in which SoundDrGenie, Slothman, and Antonio Moratti can all post on behalf of the account. If you notice any changes in the style of some posts, this is likely the reason why.

A Crave Banner is being created for advertising, such as for space on Masternodes Online in the future. We will have separate announcements for when and where the banners go live, as it is a matter between cost and timing (of Crave individually, and the crypto-market in whole). The banner will be updated below when the animations are completed, though there still may be changes and adjustments as needed.

Our competition is also just coming to an end, which sees 50 randomly selected winners from over 185 current entries. The prize for winning is a Crave Cold Storage Stainless Steel Card.

Crave Custom Cold Storage Cards

Vendor Outreach Program

One project that we have been working on is a vendor outreach program to increase the use and acceptance of Crave by businesses. The introduction has been completed, which serves to educate the organization on both why and how to begin accepting Crave as a payment method. More details will be coming on this in the near future, so that all community members can refer business to a single location for information.

Masternode Union

A Bitrewards tipbot was added to the Crave Community Discord server where users can receive funds of that currency. The purpose of doing this was to form alliances with other crypto communities in which our Crave tipbot can also be added to their servers. This is a win-win situtation for both sides, as it exposes new users to the communities, and provides a method of receiving free funds. This expands our Masternode Union, in which we partner with other masternode-minded projects to aid with voting competitions, exchange listings, and related items.

Current members include Crave [CRAVE], BitRewards [XBR], Ganjacoin [MRJA], and Terracoin [TRC].

Other Important Items

Regarding the #MasternodeMeBro18 masternode competition hosted by Omni Analytics Group and the Crypto Hobbit – we recently lost to Phore 55%-45% and are now out of the tournament. However, we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported and voted for Crave. We were extremely close to taking down a giant (in terms of relative community size), and this goes to show that the future is bright for Crave.

The Spanish white paper is now done and will be viewable soon. This is the first step to expand Crave knowledge and marketing not only to the Spanish community, but paves the way for other communities as well. Crave is meant to be a global project and currency, and therefore will need website and white paper translations such as French, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, etc.

Crave has also been added to Start-Ex exchange. While small and new, it is one more location where Crave can be purchased. [Description of the exchange]

If you are interested in using our governance & budgeting system to contribute to Crave, please check out Proposals are submitted by either team or community members, and then voted on by anyone who holds a masternode(s). If accepted, the funds are then distributed on the next monthly superblock. There will be a video tutorial released soon to show users (who are less familiar with the system) how to submit a proposal. Crave is a community-based project, and the governance systems is a large part of helping to reinforce that idea.

Thanks for reading, and the next development update will be released on September 30th,  2018!

If you have any questions or would like to join the Crave Community, please feel free to check out any of the links below.










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