Monthly Development Update – December 2018

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Greetings Crave Community!

This is last post of our monthly development blog which started earlier this year. The goal of the series was to keep the community on the loop. Let us summarize what we have been up to recently, giving you insight into current developments, projects, and the progress of these tasks.

The past 3 months were incredibly busy for key members of the team
CoolerRSA had a baby & Slothman started his own business. The roadmap has fallen behind somewhat and we are sorry for that, we are overhauling some items for next year!

First of all, let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2018 was a correction year which was specially rough to anyone who enter the market at all time high. Remember, always invest what your can afford losing. The Cryptocurrency space is particularly a speculative young market (This is not financial advice).

As you may be aware, we came into existence in 2015 as a privacy focus coin. This was nearly 4 years ago. At beginning the community was very rebellious, you’re able to appreciate this on Bitcoin Talk by exploring old threads with the old slogan or logo. A change of vision came to us this year & we were able to included a few member to the team, completed the re-branding, released the Crave white paper with Japanese & Spanish translations, activated our budgeting & governance system along with a new emission model.

Mandatory update by CoolerRSA

Let’s move on and talk about developments though, as that may be of more interest to many! With the most recent drop in Bitcoin, exactly one month ago November 24, we decided to stopped working on the written updates till further notice. SoundDrGenie experimented with a few videos update in the months of October and November but the general consensus moved toward written updates so here it we are once again.

New Reward Schedule

It toke effect yesterday Sunday, Dec 23th at 07:56:47 GMT
From 6 to 5.4 to NODES & 4 to 3.35 for STAKE.

Block 500.001 was mine by

Crave Discord Nitro

We added Nitro to our server. Now you can use emoticons from other server and drop heavier file size. This will be beneficial moving forward in 2019. We have new dedicated channel on our Discord server where new comers could learn more about. Feedback from other community members, is always welcome as we construct a hub for knowledge.

Discord now has multiple sections, such as:

  • 🎓blockchain-education
  • 🏧vendors-accepting-crypto
  • 🏁 github-bounty

While the forum was released and open to the community for posting, asking questions or finding information, no many user take use of it.
We are still working on both but most of the activity revolves around Telegram Discord… This statement is mainly directed towards the FAQ section, a resource which we plan on continuing building upon for our users – especially beginners

New Vision

We remain a privacy focus coin but we’re exploring new ideas. Here are a few conversations from the team:

New Wallet?

DruMn stopped working on this project. We tried contacting him several times without success. This was task is not high priority & next year we will decide what actions to take in regards to design.

We have concluded that the current staking reward percentage is too high, and will likely be decrease at a faster rate than masternode rewards.

Other factors that have been taken into consideration include:

  • Time to reach the maximum supply
  • Exponential vs. linear reward percent decreases
  • Coin supply inflation rate over time

Shown below is the model that we are likely going to be proceeding with. The maximum supply would be capped at 60 million Crave, which would occur a bit before block 14 million, near the year 2044. This is also assuming that 100% of the budget funds will be used (which they likely will not be).

Block rewards move toward: MN – 76.92%, Stake – 15.38%, Budget – 7.69%.

The plan was to release this new emission model along with the new wallet.

That covers most of it. We have a few other ideas and items to be worked on, but these will be announced in a future development blog post once they come into complete fruition.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Crave Community, please feel free to check out any of the links below.







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