Monthly Development Update – February 2019

Wednesday 27 February 2019

This is a CRAVE monthly update for February, 2019.


The ’PoSv3’ vulnerability fix has been applied. See . Crave is currently looking for Developers to join the community and contribute towards the project and Communities’ goals.


Contact with “HuntingTheCoins” has been made and communications re-established regarding re-implementing the ‘Crave Minecraft-Server’. You can view the previous proposal by clicking the ‘Prpopsals’ link on this website, or in the Crave forum ‘Proposals’ page here: The previous proposal on the Minecraft server was approved at a time when Crave had more liquidity and volume, so the cost for the service fee will need to be adjusted to get it re-implemented due to current market values.


There have been discussions regarding potential merges and partnerships. Two of them being a discussion on Crave becoming a Komodo asset and moving towards dPoW/PoS/MN and retaining Craves Privacy features. Another is a discussion regarding a potential merging of QMC (Quality Magnet Coin) into Crave and utilizing the qualities of both under the CRAVE brand. You can view and contribute to the discussions in the Crave Discord,” #proposal-discussion” channel and contribute to a poll in the “community-poll” channel here , or in any of the  other Crave media sites. You can also drop into the QCM discord and check them out and contribute the their communities discussion as well at .


As of 2-26-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the fallowing data regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values

$0.006843 USD (21.73%)

0.00000178 BTC (22.83%)

Market Cap $105,149 USD 
27 BTC 

Volume (24h) $0 USD 
0.00 BT

Circulating Supply

15,366,648 CRAVE

There are currently 418 nodes. Also as per the Crave explorer , the top 25 wallets account for 46.90% of coin holdings, the current minting difficulty is at 38955.31836157, and the coin supply at 19462243.05600222.




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