Monthly Community Update – April 2019

Friday 3 May 2019


The Crave evolution has begun. Let us begin by letting the community at large know that the new team is coming together nicely and growing. More members of the community are also beginning to come forward with offers to assist. The new team currently consists of people, all varying in different skill-sets, though we are still openly looking for further Dev support to assist with the plans being made. These plans are a product of previous polls conducted, dialogue with members, and movements in the crypto space in general. The new team has looked at these elements and at previous team implementations that have worked and those that have not, with the project. The one thing that kept re-occurring was the attempt to build on the heels of PIVX, and no doubt PIVX is an enduring project as well. But hanging on the coattails of PIVX leaves Crave playing catch-up many times. The other thing is that previously, code was implemented and then a use-case for the asset was looked for. The new team finds those methods to be less than productive. Instead, the new team will take a more pro-active method and endeavor to find viable use-cases and integrate them into the code, so that some use cases are already present for users.

The team understands this method will undoubtedly have its speedbumps, setbacks and challenges. This will not be an easy thing to accomplish and it will take time and much effort, and the continued support of the community. But we feel this will help Crave to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and allow the projects full potential to be manifest. Many are notably concerned about ‘price’ and that is understandable, but the team and members of the community feel that ‘value ‘is the key to success. It is the value that is given to a project, asset, community, et., that is of great importance. ‘Value’ and ’price’ are often correlated, but they are not the same thing. Not only does blockchain technology have various uses, but crypto assets can also be used in various way, such as a currency, a utility applied to functionality, to say the least; or even in a manner similar to trading-cards.

As an example, we can look at the professional golf player, Tiger Woods. He was one of the youngest players to ever win a Masters. His trading cards began to become more valuable to collectors/traders and fans. As he kept winning, more people placed value in the cards because they valued Tigers ability to win. The price for his cards began to rise ‘as a result’. Then a series of scandals began to emerge around him (per-se), and he began losing stature, and people perceived the ‘value of his ability’ to win, was fading. His cards value began to fall as a result overall, even though some fans still held to the ‘value’ in his ability. Then as of late, Tiger came back with a gusto, and more people began to put value in his ability to overcome that adversity as he demonstrated he still has the skills/abilities and drive to win. The value of his cards began to rise, and ‘as a result’ so did the ‘price’ for those cards. This correlation can be applied to blockchain & crypto assets as well. If the crypto asset has a use that has value to users, then it will be desired, and people will want to accumulate it because it has value. And because it has value people often tend to be willing to pay more for it as opposed to those assets that have less value to them. Crave value must be increased through stability & usability; use-case. This does not guarantee price increases, but there is a correlation in many cases. Crave will not be a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’, but a project for the masses, to be mass adopted due to its value of usability.  This is the ultimate goal of the project. The new team, with the support of the community and those who embrace this vision will continue to move the project in this direction.

Parentships: The team continues to look at potential partnerships and merges. On a particular note, the parentship with QMC continues to grow and evolve and positive discussions between the teams/communities have produced some flowering opportunities of mutual benefit. More to come on that…

Code: The current Crave code is in need up evolution. The Zerocoin protocol that has been part of Crave privacy feature has been shown to have particular exploits, as stated by Zerocoin Seeing that Zerocoin, PIVX and others appear to be moving away from that privacy-protocol, it also seems safer and rational for Crave to do the same. An alternative privacy protocol will be found to implement into the code. Crave plans to remain a privacy centric project. The proposal mechanism appears to be working now, but still needs to be observed, particularly with the recent events with Blocknet and how an attrition of mutual interest within the community has spawned an apparent battle of MN holders within the consensus . The Crave team, with input from the community will look at use-case integrations for the code evolution, which could be the integration of particular-features and/or merges of other projects and tech into the crave ecosystem. Crave will also look at use-cases for the asset(s) that may/or may not be integrated directly into the code, such as in the areas of gaming, education, et… All viable aspects of use-case will be looked at.

Roadmap: A tentative roadmap is being formulated and is planned to be released by the end of May 2019. It will be conservative and will be a general path being taken; tentative.  The team is aware that setting hard dates for roadmaps can sometimes create certain expectations, that might not actually be met due to setbacks or the advent of new information or technology; flexibility and moderation seems to be a more suitable manner in which to view roadmaps. The team will however try to stay in-step as possible to the roadmap checkpoints. The checkpoints to come in the more immediate timeframe will be changes related to feedback from previous polls and discussions within the community, such as: the migration and update of the current website, ANN, Github, et., that may also be deemed necessary for the team, community and project to move forward. A new web host and domain have already been procured. The team will maintain communication with exchanges, pools, CMC and the like, as to the progress of these evolutions, and give them, the community and parties of interest, plenty of time and/or notification before any official swap and/or fork.

As of 4-1-2019, CoinMarketCap shows the fallowing data regarding CRAVE:

24hr Values 
0.00000106 BTC (-33.51%)
$0.005728 USD (-33.30%)

Market Cap
$88,020 USD
16 BTC

Volume (24h)
$6 USD 
0.00 BTC

Circulating Supply
15,366,648 CRAVE
There are currently 469 master nodes enabled. Also as per the Crave explorer , the top 25 wallets account for 49.67% of coin holdings. The current minting difficulty is at 39283.11711118, and the coin supply at 20259856.65919245.

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