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Dan “Slothman”, Communications Leader



San Francisco, California, May 10, 2018.

Crave announces a major image rebranding for broader market access and usability with its cryptocurrency. The website’s new building block logo and safe blue color schema, combined with its already single-source all-in-one coin, meets Crave’s customer demands for versatility. Also announced are major infrastructure releases, including an authoritative white paper and activation of the budget and governance system. Crave has finalized both infrastructure with management and broadened market acceptance, while serving as a model for other digital currencies to follow.

Crave anticipates that the varying new market segments will adopt its single solution in phases, matching their ability to take up and utilize cryptocurrencies. Many will begin with the traditional open-ledger style blockchain with Crave V-labeled accounts, visible on the Crave block explorer. Following this, they will see that the wallet allows for additional privacy-based functionality, allowing them to reset transaction history of their coins. Importantly, Crave users recognize that they have selected the right cryptocurrency, as Crave contains the fundamental properties needed for the majority of digital currency transactions.

The Crave Core Team saw that its customers are shifting away from open ledger to privacy-based transactions, abiding by current privacy laws and regulations from the federal down to local levels. Also, more new customers now buy Crave for its utility rather than solely for its investment value. As this broader set of Crave transactors had stepped forward, Crave responded to their demands with its rebranding.

The new Crave image follows major trends in cryptocurrencies at large, as well as at the Crave customer level, by appealing to people from all walks of life. The Crave Core Team announced that they actively advanced Crave’s website platform to adopt the new building block logo comprised of geometric shapes to embrace the construction of a new era in financial technology. The color choice required safe and trustful blue tones that permeate the financial sector, with a small set of green to show its energy conservation nature coinciding with its completely Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

The new and much broader target audience for Crave cryptocurrency includes a variety of ages, living styles, and working/business arrangements. Slothman, Core Team Communications Leader, stated, “We feel that by reaching out further with a single source solution for the utilization of cryptocurrency, that more people will begin using Crave for purchases and selling their wares.” He additionally said, “Now is the time of growing regulation that is necessary for consumer and investor safety, and clearly Crave takes that into account, as demonstrated by our new image.”

About Crave
Crave launched its masternode cryptocurrency in March of 2015, as one of the leading digital currency coins for niche markets. It was the very first coin to implement masternode technology with a Proof-of-Stake concensus algorithm, thus leading the trend that many coins today have either migrated to this technology or cite it in their roadmap plans for implementation.

Today, Crave is readily purchased and sold on centralized exchanges including Cryptopia, and TradeSatoshi, as well as the decentralized exchange, CryptoBridge. Crave traders are active daily, with buyers and sellers adjusting price to market conditions that is largely affected by the cryptocurrency market’s cyclic trends. In late 2017, the technical team and management team presented clear instructions so as to attain a community-based network of Crave masternodes exceeding 1000 for the first time, with a 5000 Crave collateral for each masternode. The growth rate has excelled with an increasing number of operators each month, demonstrating that Crave’s investment value is strengthening.

After successfully completing a 1 to 10 coin split early in 2018, the price chart shows a steadying coin market price commensurate with the cryptocurrency cyclic trends. As an early entrant into masternode technology, Crave has kept up with all the latest advances and updates, and has a solid technical and management team with world-class experience and education. The core team has steadfastedly adhered to the published roadmap, and continues with the same reliable performance today.

A new development on the horizon for 2018 is the Crave Adaptive Blocks Plan that will adjust block size to current network requirements, thus allowing for faster transactions and increased scalability, as described within the white paper. There is also work being done on a unique new wallet which will stand out among its competition.

Crave actively seeks new community members that possess skills, education, experience, and knowledge complimentary to the Core Team. If you believe that you have what it takes to contribute to Crave, then we invite you to contact us.

This press release contains information regarding Crave announcements, developments, history, and more. It does not contain financial advice of any sort. Please perform your due-dilligence prior to investing in any digital currency.


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Dan “Slothman”, Communications Leader

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